The NFL season is now officially into week 1 of the regular season and we are going to join in the fun by throwing out some predictions for the season. Our office has a few football fanatics and self-proclaimed experts and we are going to give you our predictions for MVP, Super Bowl, and we will add some Patriots predictions to the mix.  

As most seasons go, last year ended with Tom Brady hoisting the Super Bowl trophy as confetti rained down on the GOAT and the rest of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers squad. The Bucs are the betting favorite to come out of the NFC and the wise guys say the Chiefs are the team most likely to win the AFC.  

Playing along with me in the prediction game is Cleve, Tyler, and Ryan. We will see in February how these predictions shake out. 


It's unanimous here that Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen will be the league MVP. We all picked the signal caller to win the honor this year. It's unanimous, so you know it won't come true. 

Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills is the favorite for MVP in our office. Getty Images

New England Patriots: 

Cleve says that the Patriots will finish with 7 wins on the season and miss the playoffs for the second consecutive season. This guy is a fan of the New York Giants so that might have something to do with the below .500 prediction. Tyler has the Pats winning 8 games this year and they will fail to qualify for the playoffs. Ryan has predicted a 12-win season for Patriots and a return to the playoffs for the first time in the post-Brady era. I see New England winning 10 games this year and earning a wildcard playoff spot.  

Getty Images

Super Bowl: 

Cleve has the Los Angeles Rams beating the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl. Tyler is going with a matchup between Green Bay and Buffalo with the Packers taking the title back to Wisconsin. Ryan says that Tampa Bay will repeat, and beat Buffalo in the final game of the season. I am predicting that Tom Brady wins his 8th Super Bowl when Tampa Bay defeats the Tennessee Titans in February. 

Getty Images

Let's see your predictions! Remember, we won't hold you to it. Or will we?

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