The High Five Turkey Drive is back and looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, November 8, Thursday, November 9 and Friday, November 10.

Locations and Times

The High Five Turkey Drive Helps Families in Need

Thank you to these three businesses that have been with the High Five Turkey Drive since the beginning. The local communities are there every year to help families who need it the most.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Turkey Citations in Fort Kent and Presque Isle

Sarah M. Duncan, Executive Director, United Way of Aroostook said “turkey citation” will be issued:

Aroostook County Sheriff Peter Johnson and United Way board member, Chris Carroll, are going to go around to previous donors in Fort Kent and Presque Isle and issue “turkey citations.” If the donor doesn’t want to pay, they will be brought back to the “freezer” to fundraise the amount.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Swedish Chef and Turkey in Houlton

Priority Auto and Tractor Sales is collecting donations with the Swedish Chef and Turkey in the Houlton area. Keep a lookout for them to visit your location.

Live Broadcast on all Three Stations

Townsquare Media will be broadcasting live all three days. We will be talking to organizers live on air and speaking to local community members who come by to donate. Listen to Big Country 96.9, 101.9 The Rock and Q 96.1 for updates.

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Monetary Donations and Gift Cards

United Way of Aroostook is looking for monetary donations and gift cards. Money will stay in the local area where it is collected. Local food pantries will take the donations and distribute them to families. You can also bring frozen turkeys and other food items to the events. Everything is greatly appreciated.

Additional Information and Donations

For more information about donating, go to United Way of Aroostook.

Sponsors and Community Support

Thank you to the great sponsors of the High Five Turkey Drive. Thanks to the incredible communities across Aroostook County who make this event a success every year.

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