Historical Fort Fairfield Police Badge on eBay

Fort Fairfield Police have a great post on Facebook from Chief Cummings. Take a look at the badge he found on eBay. Talk about Aroostook County history. This memorabilia is estimated to go back to the 1930’s to 1950’s.

Chief Cummings Bought the Badge to Bring it “Home”

The Chief saw it on an eBay auction and won the bid. The story gets even better.

Seller Donates the Badge to FFPD

The seller and Cummings started chatting about the item. As it turns out, the seller is also in law enforcement in Wisconsin (he’s a police detective). He decided to refund the money and donated the badge to the Fort Fairfield Police Department. What an incredible thing to do. Not just for the price of the badge, but understanding it’s value in the community.

Badge will be on Display

Chief Cummings said his goal was to bring the badge “home” as he “enjoys collecting historical police memorabilia, in particular, local police history.” He will put it on display and hopes “it can last another 75 years.”

Related Story: Fort Fairfield Police Patch on eBay

The badge is a great story and reminded us of a Fort Fairfield Police patch found on eBay back in October, 2021. The post generated a lot of comments when Chief Cummings asked if “anyone had any idea what year these were in service?”

Facebook Discussion

The conclusion on Facebook is the patch was probably from the 1970’s. Some suggested it was from 1976 to celebrate the bicentennial. We included the post below so you can read the discussion in the comments.

Follow the Fort Fairfield Police Department

Thanks for the posts Chief Cummings. This is the kind of outreach we love. We’ll keep looking for more and sharing them. Make sure you follow the Fort Fairfield Police on Facebook.

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