Utility companies across the state are bracing for the winter weather that is headed our way.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

A combination of 8-12 inches of snow in Northern Maine and a coating of ice mixed with snow in other areas of our service territory means power outages are possible, so field crews, customer service, dispatch, and other personnel have been placed on standby should outages occur.

“Heavy, wet snow on trees and treacherous travel conditions which could cause car-pole accidents are our greatest areas of concern with this storm,” said Lisa Martin, Manager of Line & Meter Operations. “Add to that possible icing on power lines and tree limbs could mean a multi-day outage event. Customers should plan accordingly, just to be safe.”

As always customers are reminded to stay clear of fallen power lines and trees near or touching them. Locating account numbers in advance and programming the Customer Service Center phone number into cell phones can help speed up the reporting process. Anyone using alternate heat sources and generators is reminded to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

The Storm Response Team will continue to monitor the storm’s track and modify staffing plans as needed. Customers can do their part by planning ahead as well; helpful tips on how to prepare for a power outage are available on our website at www.emeramaine.com, then click on “Outages & Restoration” and “Be Prepared”.

Customers can get the latest outage information and view Emera's live outage map at emeramaine.com. Outages can be reported online or by calling their customer service center at 1-855-EMERA-11 (1-855-363-7211) Local: 207-973-2000.


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