Dustin Lynch's single "I'd Be Jealous Too" just got an infectiously uplifting lyric video to help fans sing along. The Current Mood single's playful, toe-tapping beat is a perfect match for the bright, positive video featuring a wide variety of folks busting a move.

The brightly-colored backgrounds in the video contrast perfectly with the various outfits the stars of the clip are wearing. They're dancing around joyously, probably with the same amount of energy Lynch himself harnessed to put this song together. Like most lyric videos, there isn't really a narrative to play off of, but it should act as a nice treat for fans to replay until an official video debuts.

Naturally, Dustin Lynch Was a Bit of a Teenage Romeo

Lynch's anthem finds him crooning with plenty of braggadocio about the beautiful woman at his side, and it's instantly memorable, as is the accompanying lyric video. There's a sweet love story under it all, as Lynch brags about how he'd be jealous too if he saw another man out with his girl. It's a song you might feel good about sharing with your significant other, especially if you want to hint at how happy you are to be by their side.

The Current Mood album is an eclectic mix of unique tunes that complement his aurally-pleasing twang with plenty of tracks perfect for having a good time. This is Lynch's third album, which just released in Sept. 2017 with the single "Seein' Red", followed by "Small Town Boy."

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