Safety first on the roads. It’s common sense not always practiced - as seen in this Facebook post from the Maine State Police.

Maine State Police stopped a truck on the County Rd in Linneus after seeing apparent equipment violations.

Trooper Castonguay investigated the vehicle that had something being dragged underneath it and was sagging in the middle.

Police said more issues were found such as a rotting and broken frame, an inadequate exhaust system, a dislodged rear bumper, and several other problems.

The truck was towed away and the driver was summoned for operation of a defective motor vehicle.

Repairs are expensive and not always something we can do at the moment. But, driving an unsafe vehicle on the road where families travel is not only wrong - it’s against the law.

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Maine’s vehicle inspection program just went under a vote in the legislature and was voted down. Maine is one of only 16 states in the country with such a system. 

It’s not everyday you see a truck with so many safety problems, and that’s a good thing. Maine may need some changes in inspections, but keeping the road safe is something we all need.

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