Dierks Bentley was joined by a very special guest at a recent concert in Oklahoma: His daughter, Evie. It was one of his last performances of the year, and he wanted to perform a song he doesn't sing often.

"[We have some people here] that have been to several shows on the tour," Bentley remarks from the stage inside the Choctaw Grand Theatre in Durant, Okla. "I don't want to do the same show, I want to change things up for you guys. You make it difficult on me, but in the best way. You forced myself, forced the band, to really step it up and change it up."

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Out walks Evie, his 10-year-old daughter, to perform "My Religion" — a song on Bentley's latest album, The Mountain. She lets dad kick off the first verse, joining in on the chorus as the crowd screams, showing their approval.

Once Bentley realizes exactly what the lyrics say, though, he's a little uncomfortable letting her sing the words: "Ain't gonna lie, I been drinking / That Colorado's got me stoned," Evie she croons ever-so-sweetly.

At the end, Bentley jokes: "Next time I'll sing the chorus."

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