Maine's Own Christmas Song

Did you know Maine has its very own Christmas song called the “The Maine Christmas Song”? It's celebrating its 35th anniversary.

Some Famous People Created the Song

It might also surprise you to learn that legendary newsman, Bob Elliot played a big part in the song.

According to News Center Maine, The story goes back to the 80’s - 1986 to be exact - when Elliot contacted songwriter Con Fullam to write a Maine Christmas song.

Fullam put together a song about his childhood growing up in Sydney, Maine. It took just two weeks to finish up the writing process.

The Recording Process

The “Maine Christmas Song'' was then recorded by Malinda Liberty, a well known singer in Maine. Also on the song is Gary Merrill as the narrator (Merrill was an actor who had once been married to Bette Davis. He did a lot of work on commercials at the time). WCSH’s Pat Callaghan was a backup singer on the song.

The song was recorded in Portland, Maine and was later released on a cassette. It has sold over 100,000 copies since it was released. News Center Maine said the sales help feed Mainers in need.

The Lyrics

Listen to the lyrics as they tell a quant story about life in rural Maine as neighbors look out for each other. There’s a real sense of the magic of Christmas in the song. It brings up delicious food, hanging wreaths, horses and sleighs, children laughing, and lines about the Atlantic Ocean and countryside and the sharing of joy.

You might hear the song on the radio or TV around Christmas as it is often played to bring the Maine holiday spirit to everyone. Listen to it here and enjoy Maine's very own Christmas song.

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