Did you know that on this day in Country Music History in 2010 Jimmy Wayne arrived at HomeBase Youth Services in Phoenix?

It's true! He was hobbling on a broken foot as he finished a seven-month Meet Me Halfway walk for homeless teens.

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

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Here are 5 interesting facts about Jimmy Wayne.

  • His full name is actually Jimmy Wayne Barber.
  • His biological father abandoned him at an early age. He and his sister were sometimes raised in foster homes or were left with other people when their mother would leave them or go to jail. She served four months in prison in 1985 when Wayne was 12.
  • He eventually moved in with an elderly couple, Russell and Bea Costner, just down the road from where his mother was living, after being hired to mow their lawn.
  • After finishing high school, he worked as a guard at the Gaston Correctional Facility, where he took songwriting advice from an inmate.
  •  He earned an associate's degree in criminal justice at a community college. Afterwards he worked as a corrections officer for 4 years before moving to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue his musical interests.

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