Chuck Wicks was badly hurt in a car accident on Monday (Feb. 27), and in a new message to his fans, the country singer revealed the extent of his injuries, saying he is lucky to be alive.

The country singer and radio personality was traveling with his America's Morning Show co-hosts, Ty Bentli and Kelly Ford, along with producer Glen Johnson from an affiliate station to New Orleans on Monday when their car struck a puddle during a downpour and flipped twice, landing in a ditch full of water.

"Talk about Slow Motion.. it was if the world literally stopped," Wicks writes in a Facebook post on Wednesday (March 1).

"When the vehicle did finally stop I immediately heard Ty say is everyone ok... is everyone ok. Then for some random reason I just starting checking my teeth and body and checking where everyone was. At this moment it was safe to say I was in shock. I won't speak for Ty Kelly or Glenn.. but I'm pretty sure they were too."

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They crawled out of the totaled car, and once some passersby and ambulances arrived, Wicks realized he couldn't stop shaking, and his neck was getting stiffer and stiffer. Paramedics placed him on a stretcher, and the singer admits that once he realized everyone else was okay,  "I started to panic a bit.. and honestly I was scared."

After some scans in the emergency room, a doctor told Wicks he was lucky to be walking and talking after finding that he had suffered a skull fracture and a cervical vertebrae fracture in the C2 region.

"What does this mean? It means I'm lucky I'm alive and not paralyzed," Wicks shares. "Good news. I'm not. I will however be wearing a Neck Brace for about three months with a lot of discomfort for awhile. I'm hoping I get released today but it has been nice being jacked up on Morphine. Cause when I'm not. It's pretty painful."

Though Wicks is hopeful he will be cleared to go home, he knows he has a long road ahead.

"It's gonna take some time to recover. This isn't a I'll feel better in a week type of deal," he states. "But I'm extremely lucky. And I'm so glad that Ty Kelly and Glenn are ok. So be safe out there. Don't take anything for granted."

He finishes by thanking everyone who reached out to him through texts, phone or social media, joking, "And if you haven't you're on my s--t list."

The singer also shared a photo of the totaled car, as well as a couple of shots from his hospital room.

On Tuesday (Feb. 28), Kelly Ford turned to Instagram to thank fans for their support, accompanying a photo of the wreck with the caption, “We are all genuinely feeling lucky to be alive today."

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