Chris Janson accompanied the April 29 release of his new album, All In, with the release of a cinematic music video for "You, Me & the River," his duet with Eric Church. Directed by Reid Long, the video finds the two artists playing out the song's sinister storyline in a dramatic way.

Penned solely by Church, "You, Me & the River" tells a dark story about deadly consequences of infidelity. Suffice it to say, a couple people end up dead in the song's story, and the video artfully follows Janson and Church, who are immersed in the narrative.

Shot in black and white, the video opens on Church pulling a body into a river and Janson burying a body, which is then revealed to be Church.

Scenes of Janson and Church committing their crimes in the dark of night are interspersed with scenes of the artists singing the tune in a jail cell together. The video takes on an air of mystery, as it could be open for interpretation according to each viewer. At the end, however, the video reveals that Church's character and the woman on the other side of cheating scandal both met their demise.

Church disappears from the jail cell at the tail end of the clip, which suggests he was haunting Janson for the entirety of the song. Janson's character is eventually led out of the cell by a prison guard.

Janson says the dramatic video is "one of my favorite videos to date." The song serves as the fourth track on his All In album, and it is the first tune he's released that he didn't have a hand in writing.

The collaboration came about when Janson received a 3AM text from Church, who sent him the song for consideration. At first, Janson wasn't sure if Church was pitching the song or simply looking for comments, but he responded to the country superstar with a big question.

"I say, 'I love it. Hey, why don't we do a duet?'" Janson tells Taste of Country. "I just threw it out there. If you don't dream big, how could you ever win big, right?"

In addition to their duet, Janson's All In album features "Flag on the Wall," which was co-written by Janson and Church. Recent singles "Bye Mom" and "Keys to the Country" are also included on the 16-track project.

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