The Maine Forest Service says a 28-year-old man is facing charges in connection with a wildfire last month that consumed over 230 acres in Island Falls.

The unidentified man is charged with illegal disposal of lighted material.

The fire that broke out on May 21st charred 236 acres on the slope of Robinson/May Mountain and nearby woodlands.

Firefighters from Island Falls, Oakfield, Sherman and Patten worked for several days to extinguish the blaze with help from Maine Forest Rangers and two helicopters that delivered over 53,000 gallons of water. Four nearby camps were spared.

The forest service says it cost more than $100,000 to fight the wildfire.

The Maine Forest Service is banning outside burning until further notice across the state as the extended stretch of hot, dry weather continues.

So far this year, Maine Forest Rangers have responded to 663 wildfires covering nearly 900 acres. It is the second-highest fire count in a decade in Maine. Wildfires caused by campfires have gone up 170 % compared to last year.

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