Cary Medical Center said:

To Our Patients, their Families and Friends, and Community,

Cary Medical Center is committed to being here to care for you, but in order to continue to do so safely during this time we have to make some changes to our usual visitation policy. We appreciate your understanding.

Visitors that are sick with respiratory tract symptoms such as cough, sore throat, fever, or other respiratory symptoms are asked to not visit the hospital. We ask that, even if you only have a sniffle, you do not visit while sick. If you appear to be sick our staff will ask you kindly to mask and leave the hospital.

Beginning, Monday. March 16. 2020 our visitation policy on all inpatient units is:

1) Each patient may designate two people that can visit throughout the course of the

patient's stay with us. We ask that all other people visit by phone only.

2) No visitors under the age of 12.

3) No one who is sick, even if you only have a sniffle, may be a designated visitor.

In the ER our policy is:

1) Only one visitor per patient and only once patient is deemed able to accept visitors by ER staff.

2) Visitors cannot be sick, even with only a sniffle.

In outpatient areas:

1) Please reschedule your visit or testing if you are sick, even if it is only a sniffle.

The health of our patients and staff is our top priority. We realize that these restrictions may cause challenges, and we are sorry for any inconvenience or difficulties they may cause.

For all units please wash your hands before entering the room and before leaving the facility.

Thank you for your understanding and your attention to these changes.

We are committed to only keeping these changes in place for as long as absolutely necessary.

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