Texas singer-songwriter Carrie Elkin is premiering her new song “Albatross” exclusively for readers of The Boot.

Elkin’s distinctive vocal timbre shines on "Albatross," a brooding track that she wrote intending for listeners to develop their own unique connections to its haunting lyrics.

“I don’t tend to talk about the meaning of my songs, specifically. I like people to draw their own connection with the song," Elkin tells The Boot," however, the album in general has a theme of dealing with grief. Not just from losing a person, but from loss in all forms. The inspiration from this song, in particular, comes from the sounds of nature colliding with grief.”

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Elkin has had the definition of a wide and varied career: She's sung the National Anthem on the court with Michael Jordan, and she's performed at the Ryman Auditorium with Emmylou Harris. The album on which “Albatross” appears, titled The Penny Collector, was written during a time of big changes for Elkin: over the course of a year that was preceded by the birth of her daughter, Maizy Rae, and followed by time spent caring for her ailing father before he died.

The Penny Collector is set for release on March 10; it is available for pre-order on iTunes.

Listen to Carrie Elkin, "Albatross":

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