As an intense rainstorm roared outside of her tour bus on Friday (Sept. 27), Carly Pearce looked perfectly at ease, despite the fact that her wedding to Michael Ray is just days away.

“Yep, it's any day now,” she confirmed to Taste of Country before getting the call that her show in Chicago with Jason Aldean had been canceled due to bad weather. "Michael (Ray) and I were together last night and we were like, 'This is really crazy because it snuck up on us so fast.’ We have been engaged for nine months and we are like, 'Oh my gosh, it’s here.'"

And while country music’s newest 'it' couple has yet to specifically disclose when the big day is, Pearce did give some clues as to when it might be taking place.

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"I get a week off leading up to the wedding and I’m looking forward to soaking that in and being with my family and friends," she says. "Our wedding is very much going to be for immediate friends and family only. It’s going to be awesome."

She's doing her best to keep up with all that's happening, both personally and professionally, thanks to her multitasking skills.

“I work well when I’m multitasking,” Pearce admits, chuckling. "I haven’t put too much pressure on myself about the wedding, but now that it's here, I’m really looking forward to it."

"When it’s over, I think I’m going to be sad," she says. "It has been so fun to plan this and celebrate this one moment in time and the only time this is going to happen to me. So yeah, when it’s"over, there will be a part of me that will be sad.”

Pearce recently released a new single, "I Hope You’re Happy Now" — a duet with Lee Brice.

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