It's no secret Brett Eldredge is a heartthrob, but his appeal isn't limited to fans his age, as he learned at a recent meet and greet.

Eldredge shared a sweet video on Sunday (Sept. 24) of meeting an 88-year-old fan before a show. The woman walked right up to him and gave him a hug, and as she turned to leave, she had another surprise, and it caught him totally off guard.

With his arm still around her as she walks away, she sneaks in a kiss on his forearm. It was a moment not lost on Eldredge, who shared the short clip with fans on Instagram.

"88 years old and still got game ... she walked up with a smile, talked really sweet, laid a kiss on me, and strutted away!" he writes alongside the adorable video. "Stay young, stay happy."

Whatever You Do, Don't Do This at a Concert

Eldredge is currently on tour with Luke Bryan as part of the Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Everyday Tour. The singer released his self-titled album this summer, and the project details the singer's complicated relationship with love, something he discussed at length with Taste of Country.

“I think a record like this is helping me realize that I’ve got to get out of my own way,” Eldredge says. “I’ve just got to continue to open it up a little more.”

One of his songs, "Castaway," sees the singer running away from love. It's something he admits he's done frequently in the past.

“I’ve been burnt and I’ve had moments of clarity where I know what I want, but also I’m guarded,” Eldredge insists. “Like I am completely guarded, to the point where I run away from love, and I shield it away, and I get so far away from it that I’m stranded on an island and I realize I’m there by myself and the whole time I needed love, the thing that I was running away from.”

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