Brett Eldredge treated fans to a brand new song during a recent show in Nashville. Shortly after performing a cover of Train's "Drops of Jupiter," the singer shared a new track called "Cast Away."

"This is my message in my relationship with love," he tells the crowd, prefacing his performance. "This is on my new album. It's called 'Cast Away.'"

Accompanied by a band member playing a light acoustic guitar as he hangs on the microphone stand at the front of the stage, Eldredge sings of how he often finds himself running away from love.

"Why do I always try to run away from you / Please don't say a castaway is what I was born to do / Guess I'll always be lost without you," he sings on the chorus. Listen to him sing his new song at the 1:40 mark.

Later, he gets more introspective. "If I got smart I'd trade my wings for your heart and I'd promise to never chase the wind," he reasons.

Eldredge is currently single, but in a recent interview the country singer says he’s ready to find love.

“I’ve been writing about the search for love, the loss of love, falling out of love and falling in love — it’s been a very soul-searching record. There’s some pain in there,” Eldredge told People at the ACM Awards. “The want for love and searching for it and how to find it. I’m very specific with what I want to find, and I think that’s where it’s true, because that’s where I’m at.”

"I'm just wanting to find that gal that wants my heart," he adds, "Because I’m ready to give it."

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