A black bear in the woods in Newry got a bit of a startle when he was crossing an ATV trail.

Reddit user BigBellyButton, who has us curious about the size of his actual belly button, posted a video in the Maine subreddit taken from a side-by-side of a black bear walking through the woods toward the ATV trail and crosses right between the two stopped side-by-sides.

The bear seemed oblivious to the people nearby until he turned to his right and came face-to-face with BigBellyButton and his camera. You can see he's startled and pauses for a moment as if thinking about what his next move is. He then quickly darts out through the woods the way he was heading.

Why didn't he notice the side-by-side and people? BigBellyButton posted a comment in the sub with his theory:

"I think this fella was looking for a sow! I had seen both bears down the road on the way to this site. After this video, I got ready to start working (I do environmental stuff in the woods) and he actually circled back and got close again. It was at that point I left the site."

In case you didn't know, male bears are called 'boars' and female bears are called 'sows.' We all know how males can have a one-track mind when they have the thought of a roll in the hay on their mind, or in this bear's case, a roll in the woods.

A black bear will rarely attack, but if you're ever in the woods and encounter one, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says not to approach the bear and quietly back away and leave the area.


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