Big time Country stars perform live on Big D & Bubba all time - and we have the videos from Big D & Bubba's YouTube!

The studio recordings are unique because the songs are stripped down and usually acoustic.

Watch Dustin Lynch play 'Seeing Red' with the coolest mellow tone.

It's so cool to hear these performers on the radio - and then get to see it here.

Brad Paisley plays the Star Wars theme blended with the theme from Star Trek!

There are so many clips to chose from - which is a good thing.

Randy Houser captivates with a slowed down take of 'We Went':

Big D & Bubba have a lot more stuff to look at and listen to on their YouTube page. Plus, they have clips from the show too (below)!

This is very Rock & Roll - Big D & Bubba throwing a TV off the balcony!

We have another article to look at. It has a long list of things like their podcast, store, social media and more.

Listen to Big Country 96.9 and Big D & Bubba on the radio, streaming and on the app.

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