While browsing a reputable news site today, I came across a headline that raised suspicion: 'Maine Drivers With No DUI's Getting A Pay Day On Monday.' The description below the title stated, "Drivers with no tickets in three years should do this on January." It's essential to be cautious, because this seems like a scam.

The website is comparisons.org.

To clarify, the state of Maine has no intentions of rewarding drivers with clean DUI records with money, according to Reuters fact checkers. Other websites like Politifact also point out that this is a scam.

The government has not passed legislation to give up to $700 to drivers with clean records. This happened in 2021, but as I scroll through my regular news websites, I can clearly see the paid advertisement popping up again.

Typically, a quick Google search can help identify that these paid promotions or links are scams. It helps because people are pretty quick to warn you.

However, sometimes it's not that straightforward. The website linked in the title asks for your zip code to determine if you qualify for money. DO NOT ENTER YOUR ZIP CODE.

In my opinion, there should be stricter security measures and monitoring for online ad purchases, because it seems to me that many of them turn out to be scams or sites for hackers.

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Furthermore, as I read through the "article," they tell the reader that insurers are in a frenzy, because drivers are discovering that they can receive discounts if they drive less than 50 miles per day.

They ask you to then enter your age and zip code, promising that you can secure a better rate to cancel your current policy. They also assure you that your current insurer has to, by law, refund your premium immediately.

We cannot allow these scammers to go unchecked, so I am shouting from the rooftops: it's FAKE!

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