According to the 148th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, an argument could be made that the best dog breed for 2024 is a miniature poodle. Sage the miniature poodle won Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show on May 14th.

148th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show - Best In Show
Getty Images/Westminster

A miniature poodle looks like it flies private only. A miniature poodle looks like it has its reality TV series filled with pretend drama and Cosmopolitan cocktails. A miniature poodle looks like it only goes to the gym to take selfies.

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Like all dogs, it is incredibly adorable and might be "best in show," but I doubt it would be the best dog breed in Maine

What's The Most Popular Dog Breed in Maine?

David Bugenske

What is the most popular dog breed in Maine? According to Reader's Digest, Maine is actually more of a "cat state." What?!?! Well, that's no help.

The American Kennel Club releases its top dog breed list annually. For 31 consecutive years, Labrador Retrievers held the top spot, but for the past 2 years, French Bulldogs are America's favorite with Labs coming in second for both 2023 and 2024.

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There's a Clear Dog Breed Winner in Maine According to Listeners

Labrador Retrievers
Amy W

We asked on the Q106.5 Morning Show with David & Cindy what is the best breed of dog here in Maine. You answered by sharing very sweet photos of your 4-legged friends. From German Shepherds to Pitbull Mixes, to Yorkies, to Golden Retrievers, and we fell in love with ALL of your dogs.

Photos From Our Listeners of Our Adorable Dog Neighbors in Maine

We asked our David & Cindy listeners what the best dog breed in Maine is, and we received so many votes by way of adorable photos of our 4-legged neighbors.

Gallery Credit: David

ALL Breeds of Dogs are Loved in Maine

The general consensus after tallying all of the votes was that all dogs are the best breed. Also, according to you, if they are rescued, they receive bonus points. We definitely agree and both counts. Someone has to take home the first-place trophy however, and going by your votes, the best dog breed in Maine is the Labrador Retriever.

Regardless of what breed your furry family member is, they definitely deserve an extra treat today.

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