Social media assists Bailey Bryan in her innovative new music video for her debut single, "Own It."

The singer enlists the help of networking tools like Snapchat and Instagram as well as popular iPhone apps, including GPS, voice memos, notes, emojis and text messages within the nearly four-minute clip. The video also happens to be the first in the industry to be shot vertically.

“I knew I wanted to incorporate social media and capture the fun feeling of the song in a way that my generation would understand,” Bryan tells People. “We’re all on our phones constantly, and social media is the way my friends and peers express themselves.”

Bryan, who hails from a small town in Washington, began writing songs at age 12. She wrote "Own It" when she was 16 and recovering from spinal fusion surgery.

“I have scoliosis and that was a really big transition phase in my life," she shares. "At 16, you’re already trying to become more comfortable with yourself, and on top of that, I had a major surgery and a really long recovery. I was just trying to figure out how to own the experience I’d just gone through and the things who make me who I am.”

Bailey says the optimistic tone of the song was exactly what she needed to hear. The catchy song preaches the importance of embracing who you are. Just as the song inspired her, it's sure to do the same for others in the country genre. Watch the music video for "Own It" above.

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