While we have seen a steady increase in the price of gas, and other energy types, since early 2021, we have really seen the price of gas, diesel, and heating oil spike since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

As of March 8th, oil is trading at about $120 a barrel.  This has pushed gas prices in Maine to more than $4 per gallon.  According to AAA, the price for a gallon of regular gas in Kennebec County is about $4.21.  Elsewhere in the state, the price ranges from $4.15 to $4.23 per gallon of regular.

In light of these crazy prices, some people are suggesting that Maine should temporarily get rid of the gas tax.

According to WGME, Laurel Libby has proposed suspending the gas tax for the remainder of the year.  That tax currently sits at 30 cents per gallon.  Assuming the price of gas doesn't get much higher, getting rid of the tax would bring the price down to less than $4 per gallon.

According to the Maine.gov website, Laurel Libby is a Republican representative from House District 64.  She lives in the Lewiston / Auburn area, she is married, has five children, and her primary career is as an interior designer.  If you want to ask her questions or show your support of the bill, you can reach her office at 207.632.7619.

The bill still needs to be voted on.

What are your thoughts?  You can let us know by sending us a message through our app or by messaging us on Facebook.  We want to know what you think.

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