Winter in Northern Maine is as beautiful as it is cold. Capturing those images makes us appreciate the nice place we live.

Nothing says the County than a big plow truck on a back road:


A jaunt down a rural road with the snow banks piled up:


Big Rock is a major attraction in Northern Maine:


Another shot of Big Rock - the lift and the windmills - up on the mountain:


Snowmobile trails cut across most areas in Aroostook County:


Out on the trails, you may just come upon a real Maine moose:


Beautiful views of St. Agatha in the cold season:


The solar system - Saturn - in a field of white stuff:


County farm gear on standby until the ground's ready in the Spring:


Caribou in the calm of a winter's night:


Winter is tough and gorgeous in Aroostook County. We can't wait to post some Summer pictures in Northern Maine soon!

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