Lots of people have been in helping plan and prepare for the upcoming 2014 IBU World Youth / Junior Biathlon Championships, even people that you might not expect.

The Aroostook County Emergency Management Agency has actually been helping come up with an emergency plan in case something were to happen at the biathlon, because there is a large number of people that will be at the venue.


I had the opportunity to speak with Darren Woods, Director of the Aroostook County Emergency Management Agency about their involvement. Here's what he had to say.

Indeed there will be lots of people at the Biathlon, with close to 400 volunteers, spectators, media professionals, the biathletes themselves, as well as coaches and trainers. There will likely be several thousand people at the venue at one time.

The Agency is a central point of coordination for all emergency and disaster operations in the County, including designation as the seat of government during large-scale emergencies. From there, staff members can quickly respond to support local emergency and disaster response. Assistance is coordinated through an integrated system of managing emergencies and involves local governments, state agencies and volunteer emergency service organizations.

Check out the 2014 IBU Youth/Junior Biathlon World Championships that are happening from Friday, February 28th through Friday, March 7th at the Nordic Heritage Sports Center in Presque Isle.

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