Texas country star Aaron Watson is offering a young woman who works at Whataburger some encouraging words to fight back against naysayers.

Watson stopped for lunch at a Whataburger restaurant in Marion, Texas, recently, where he met an employee named Diana. The two snapped a selfie together, and later, Diana — a country fan — shared the photo to her Twitter account, including a message directed at her "haters."

"All y'all hate on me for working at Whataburger but did you get to sit down and talk to @aaron_watson and his family? Nah didn't think so," she writes:

She likely didn't expect the "Outta Style" singer to respond, and especially not in the way that he did:

Apparently, the young worker made quite the impression on the country music singer. The comments that followed were also very encouraging for Diana, with many fans noting their own past work in the food industry and how it helped them later in life.

Watson is currently is touring and has several dates left this year. See if he's stopping close to you by visiting his website. He released his critically-acclaimed Vaquero album earlier this year.

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