On Saturday, a community planting party called “Perma-Blitz” will be held at the Micmac Farms and Trading Company property on Route 1 near the Caribou/Presque Isle line.  All are welcome to join in, and to learn about building a swale, applying sheet mulch and selecting edible perennials that provide beauty as well as healthy food.


The event, sponsored by Maine Rural Partners, aims to encourage Aroostook County residents to join the growing self-reliance movement known as permaculture. Permaculture incorporates intensive methods of working in harmony with the landscape to sustain human needs.

There is no charge for Saturday’s event. “Permablitz” runs from 9-3.  You are invited to join in anytime during the day. Bring work gloves, and if you like, a dish to share at the pot luck lunch. For more information, you can call Claudia Lowd at (207) 949-5106 or e-mail Claudia@MaineRural.org.

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