A 69-year-old man died at the scene after his car hit a tree on Dennett Road in Kittery on Sunday night.

Maine Man Died after Crashing into Tree

The single-vehicle crash happened around 6:53 pm. The vehicle went off the road and collided with a tree. The Toyota had extensive front end damage, said the Kittery Police Department and Kittery Fire Department.

Trapped in Vehicle and Unresponsive

Richard Parker from Eliot, Maine was trapped in the car and unresponsive when first responders arrived.

Police said Impairment Does Not Appear to be a Factor

The Kittery Police said “The cause of the accident remains under investigation by the Kittery Police Department, although drugs or alcohol do not appear to be a factor.”

Medical Event May be the Cause

The Maine Medical Examiner’s Office is working to determine the exact cause of death. Police said “Based on the initial investigation and witness statements, it appears Mr. Parker may have suffered a medical event which caused him to leave the roadway and impact the tree.”

Ongoing Investigation

The York Police Department Accident Reconstruction Team is assisting in the  investigation of the case.

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