Much of Aroostook County is under a wind chill warning until noon Tuesday, January 11, with a wind chill advisory in effect Tuesday afternoon until 6 p.m.

That means it’s going to be dangerously COLD with wind chill factors as low as 30 - 40 below.

Potential risks are frostbite and hypothermia. We all have a pretty good idea what that means, but to be specific - frostbite is when your skin freezes, and the body  tissue below your skin freezes. Hypothermia is when your body’s temperature falls dangerously low. With that said, you’re going to want to take some serious extra precautions. 

Here are just a few things to do in such extreme conditions.

  • Keep dry. If your clothes are wet in any way, you lose heat from your body fast.
  • Keep your feet dry by wearing insulated waterproof boots. You probably have seen something on TV where someone gets frostbite on their toes.
  • Cover up is key. Winter jacket, hat, gloves, scarves - whatever you got, wear it. You can lose half of your body heat if you don’t wear a hat.
  • Why is layering so important? The air trapped in between the layers works to insulate the body.  So pile on the sweets, hoodie and long sleeve (just don’t over do it so you sweat and get cold).
  • Of course, you need to focus on your family and the pets. Make a plan so the kids don’t have to stand outside waiting for the bus. Make sure the animals are in a safe, dry and warm place.
  • The homestead needs looking after too. Let the water drip just a little bit from your sink, shower and tub so it doesn’t freeze. 

Follow some of these easy guidelines and things that have worked for you in the past.

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We’ll get through it with just a little common sense. You can also get more information at

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