Houlton Police Chief Tim DeLuca said they received a report Thursday about a 59-year-old man who had stolen a black 2018 Dodge Durango from a car dealership in Newport, Maine. The bulletin said he was believed to be heading to Houlton to contact family.

DeLuca said police also had information that 59-year-old Courtney M. Welton had eluded law enforcement Thursday afternoon and may have a firearm.

HPD spoke directly to Newport PD and estimated Welton was in Houlton or arriving soon. Extra patrols were set up to look for the vehicle in strategic areas.

Officer Travis Smith located the stolen vehicle on North Road near I-95. A stop was initiated. Welton attempted to elude, driving north towards Littleton.

The Maine State Police and the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office were called and assisted.

Police said visual contact was lost and a perimeter was set up. Shortly after, State Police located Welton on Ingraham Road in Littleton.

HPD said he lost control of the vehicle on a part of the road unmaintained in winter. He was still with the Dodge when Maine PD apprehended him.

Houlton Police arrested Welton and charged him with felonies of Receiving Stolen Property & Eluding an Officer, and misdemeanors of Driving to Endanger & Criminal Speed.

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