Cats are very independent animals that do what they want. The only thing they really require from you is to know how to operate the can opener and be there when they are in the mood to snuggle with you. But it's all on their time. They're the boss. You're not.

They're also very curious animals that love getting into things, like boxes, bags, cupboards and Christmas trees.

They like climbing things like pinball machines, curtains and trees.

They love being everywhere you don't want them to be and you will often find them proud as can be sitting on your clothes, on the toilet, on the top of the refrigerator or in a case of soda.

Sure, you love your cat, but when you catch them in one of these odd places they shouldn't be, you grab your smartphone and you snap a picture. And, wow do a lot of you do that!

I asked on my Facebook page a few weeks ago for people to send me photos of their cats hanging out in weird places. I got over 118 photos submitted and still counting!

I've put together a photo gallery of 50 of those photos submitted by my Facebook friends. Since we're not even halfway through the submissions I got, we'll have to make this an ongoing series.

Here are 4 things to understand about this photo gallery:

  1. If I misspelled your name or your cat's name, my apologies. This was a daunting task, but I had fun with it.
  2. Not everyone who submitted photos is included, but I have enough to do another gallery at a later date
  3. The captions that you see in quotes are what was written by the cat's owner. Things not in quotes are my lame attempt at humor, because the owner didn't submit anything about the picture. That's cool though. It still works, but don't blame the owner for my lame humor.
  4. Not every photo is of a cat in a strange place. They might be in a perfectly normal place, but are just as fun to see.

With that said, here we go. 50 Pictures Of New England Cats Found In Strange Places.

50 Pictures Of New England Cats Found In Strange Places

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