A $5 million lawsuit has been filed against the producers of Fireball Cinnamon.

$5 Million Lawsuit Against the Makers of Fireball Cinnamon

In the lawsuit, a customer claims that it is misleading that different stores sell similar shot-sized bottles of Fireball while some contain a “malt-flavored beverage” and not whisky.

The suit says the bottles are “almost identical” and the manufacturer, Sazarec, intends for customers to make the mistake, according to WMTW News 8.

Label on the Bottle

The lawsuit goes on to say that people who buy the bottles at the store would not notice that the word “whisky” is not on the label. The difference between whiskey and malt beverages is also in the lawsuit.

Font Size on the Bottle

The lawsuit also claims that even though the bottles are labeled as a malt beverage, the font size of the letters is the smallest allowed.

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