Did you find yourself going faster on Maine roads at times during the pandemic? You’re not alone. It seems more people have been speeding across the state.

You remember how barren the roads were at times when offices and stores were running at minimal capacity. Just getting to and from work - if you went to the office - was the goal. There wasn’t a lot of stopping to run errands and so forth since so many businesses were barely operating. There were less cars and trucks and so many had the need for speed. Maybe it was a little of a distraction of getting through the coronavirus.

Data for 2020 highway deaths shows the highest number in over the last 10 years, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That figure came at a time when fewer and fewer vehicles were on the road due to the lockdowns and the pandemic.

More data shows motorists traveling at higher speeds with an increase in driving under the influence. Also, there was a decline in people wearing seat belts when they were in a vehicle, said the Associated Press.

During the pandemic as less and less cars were on the roads, drivers increased their speed. Some even set new speed records in the cross country race,  the Cannonball Run. 

A Maine driver set a record for the fastest trip from New York to Los Angeles, California. They did it in just over one day - 25 hours and 55 minutes.

There are many reasons drivers stepped on the pedal. As we try to transition into a more normal life, it’s time to go the speed limit and be careful for ourselves and for others.

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