It's decision day in New Brunswick, after a 32-day election campaign.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

New Brunswick voters are encouraged to get out there and vote. Polls in the 38th New Brunswick General election are open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Monday.

Key issues in this year's Provincial Election are the economy and jobs, along with shale gas development and abortion.

The Progressive Conservatives, Liberals and NDP have representation in all 49 ridings. The Greens are represented in 46 and the People's Alliance has 18 candidates. There are also 9 independent candidates running across New Brunswick.

To speed up the voting process, make sure you have your ID handy. You're also encouraged to bring your voter information card as it has a bar code on it that helps speed up the process. If you didn't receive a card, you can find where to go vote by using the Elections NB website or by calling 1-888-858-VOTE (8683).

For the latest in election developments, go to the Elections NB website.