When it comes to vanity plates, the residents of Maine have become very creative. They also became very vocal about wanting to express themselves more freely through vanity plates and the Maine Secretary of State listened. According to the Bangor Daily News, the state will loosen the rules on what can and cannot be displayed by vanity plates. That includes the plate listed above, BQQBS.

As it currently stands, there are 5,976 different vanity plate combinations that are banned. We went through that list and found some of the funniest and filthiest for everyone to enjoy.


Hard to believe this is on the banned list. Self-deprecating vanity plates should ALWAYS be allowed.

Just letting everyone know...

Imagine if you showed up to your parents house and introduced your date...and they had this vanity plate on their car.

Huge points for creativity, but this is never going to be passed.

Pretty much the same thing applies here.

How is this even banned? We need to find an irritated old Mainer from down east and demand he put this plate on his 87 Dodge Ram pick-up

I see what you're trying to do there kids...

This is the kind of vanity plate that you could only have if you live alone. No mother, wife or girlfriend is going to allow some dude to drive around with this plate.

What if it holds a special place in that persons life? Asking for a friend...

Another one where its hard to understand the rationale for it being banned? What person wouldn't laugh if they saw this on a car in front of them?

Totally juvenile but ask yourself this....who is asking to have pubes on their vanity plate? Anyone? Bueller?

Playing devil's advocate here, what if someone was just really, really into drinking tea and wanted this vanity?

I see absolutely no reason why we should be discriminating against someone's love of releasing natural human gases...

Is crap a word that we need to be worried about? I beg to differ...


You can check out the entire list of banned license plates here but expect to spend some serious time scrolling through. And who knows, you might actually be seeing some of the vanity plates we listed above, are you ready?