History was made on September 23, 2010, in Portland, Maine as our dear friend Bob Marley broke the Guinness World Record for doing continuous stand-up comedy. The place was the Comedy Connection, which was Bob's HQ at the time. He broke the old record of 38 hours and then KEPT GOING until he hit 40 hours! People paid 10 bucks an hour to see Bobby achieve his amazing feat, with all the money going to the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital.

Here's the moment of truth! Congrats Bob on your amazing feat. We salute you!

Bob did accrue break times along the way, which was totally allowed by the Guinness rules. He took one 25-minute nap but other than that he was on stage with a giant folder of jokes and kept it going. There had to be 10 people in the audience at all times for it to count, which was no problem. The Comedy Connection was pretty full even in the middle of the night!



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