That's right, glamping is officially a thing. We've all made fun of our friends who claim to love camping even though they've never slept in a sleeping bag on the floor of a tent before. You know them, the types who bring an air mattress and hair dryer to the woods with them.

Now, your glamping friends (and probably you too, once you see them) can rent official "glamping sites" by the startup Tentrr all over Maine. Each site offers a canvas tent, fire pit, camp tent, adirondack chairs, camp benches, queen bed, water carrier, campfire grill, grill tongs and brush, wood stove, camp bathroom, sun shower, and trash can. Talk about luxury.

There are a bunch of the startup Tentrr's glamp sites around Maine already, some in camping grounds, others on private property, which you can browse on to reserve your fancy backwoods getaway. Next month, however, 10 more glamping sites will be installed in Maine State Parks as part of a partnership between the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry (DACF) and Tentrr, according to Be on the lookout next month for the announcement of where these glamping sites will land!