This week, Pope Francis is visiting the United States. It's a historic visit, and the first time Francis has ever visited the land of the free. We're happy to have him here!

The current Pope is the 266th leader of the Catholic Church. When he was elected in 2013, both life-long believers and skeptics praised his dedication to the poor, social justice, and his good-natured outlook on the world. During his visit to Washington, New York and Philadelphia this week, catholics around the world have called him "a breath of fresh air," and have hailed his relatively progressive worldview as a "new direction for the Church."

When you consider that a few of his 255 predecessors were just a tad bit nuts, everyone will be able to agree with those statements.

Back in the middle ages, everyone was crazy. Just spend a few minutes watching the critically-acclaimed documentary "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and you'll get the picture.

It's hard to believe that anyone who held the office of Pope could have been capable of some of the stuff on this list, but once you realize that the guy on our $20 bill killed every native american he ever came across with his bare hands, these things start to seem a little more plausible.

Presenting... the 5 Craziest Medieval Popes!

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