Believe it or not, but a website has compiled a list of local newsmen with the best hairdos on television.

The site selected a winner and a runner up for nearly every state. In some cases, the site even selected a second runner up, that's well over one hundred well-groomed newsmen.

Maine's winner was WGME anchor Jon Chrisos, who grew up near Bangor. The site says, "Ignore his contagious smile and manicured eyebrows and focus on the root of the matter – his impressive follicles. They are stunning!"

Maine's first runner up was WCSH meteorologist Tom Johnston. The site asks the question, "Did Tom Johnston work for Campbell? Because he is mmm-mmm good!"

Maine's second runner up was WGME sports director Dave Eid. The site writes that when Chrisos and Eid bump into each other at the water cooler the conversations may get awkward, "Jon smiles and goes, “Don’t worry. You’ll get ’em next year.” Dave’s like, “Oh, well…I’m actually more focused on my work than winning some stupid title on a hair website.”