Just days after releasing their report on the best jobs in Canada, Canadian Business magazine has decided to make some of us feel a little worse about what we do for a living by delivering us a report on the worst jobs in Canada.

These rankings were determined by taking a look at overall wages, wage growth and the growth or decline in available positions throughout the Canadian workforce. Interestingly, while there has been some recent controversy over job outsourcing and the use of foreign workers, most of this year’s worst jobs do not appear to be going anywhere.

Topping this year’s list is the position of pulp mill operator, followed by photographic and film processor and weaver or knitter ranking second and third, respectively. Other jobs that seem to be on their way out are the positions of office clerk and printing machine operator, as technology has ultimately become an asteroid to the dinosaurs still earning a paycheck in this line of work.

However, much of the manufacturing positions in Canada appear to be at real risk of extinction, as seven of the top 10 worst jobs in this year's rankings are associated with the manufacturing field.

Top 10 Worst Jobs in Canada

1. Pulp Mill Operator

2. Photographic and Film Processor

3. Weaver or Knitter

4. Harvesting Laborer

5. General Office Clerk

6. Rubber Processing Machine Operator

7. Laborer, Wood, Pulp and Paper Processing

8. Foundry Worker

9. Printing Machine Operator

10. Plastics Processing Machine Operator