Personal drones will be everywhere in a matter of time. The County and Western New Brunswick will certainly see them in the months and years to come. How will they benefit us and will it cause privacy concerns?

The smaller, more wearable drone will be the most popular tech device. These developers in this video are on the verge of making it happen.

Of course, privacy concerns are always an issue when we talk about drones and recording. On the other hand, safety and security are some of the benefits of personal drones.

In some of agricultural areas of the County and Western NB, drones will serve a real purpose of looking at our fields and stock. They should cut down on the time it takes to look at our land, and alert us quickly if there is a concern.

The video below shows the Lily drone - it is available right now. It is not wearable and people are looking for wearable devices for convenience and portability. This is a great start to what will be the wave of the future.