A couple was snowmobiling in Jackman Maine yesterday when they ran into an aggressive moose. Everyone is okay, but things got pretty scary there for a while.

Here's the video from WCSH 6.


I'm no moose expert, but it looks like it was scared as the snowmobilers kept following it as it was running away up the trail. I think the wiser choice would be to stop for a few minutes and let the moose get to where it felt safe.

By following it so closely, it seems like the moose had no choice but to turn around and stand its ground. Clearly the couple was scared too as they got their gun out to defend themselves and try to scare it away. Luckily it ended well for the snowmobilers and the moose.

A moose is a beautiful sight, but not something you want to tangle with.

UPDATE: The snowmobilers have now uploaded their video to YouTube and edited out the part where they are chasing it down the trail.

They defend their actions in the description of the video:

"We weren't chasing this moose; it had come out onto the trail and we followed it a ways expecting it to get off the trail any time, which normally happens when we come across them. Usually the sound of the sled drives them off. We have never seen one be this aggressive and we see them all the time in this area. We noticed after the incident that there was blood splatter and ticks all over the place. You'll notice it's looking pretty mangy. Poor bugger isn't going to last too long."


What do you think? Were they chasing the moose? Should they have handled this differently? Share your thoughts in the comments below.