Volunteerism plays a key role in being able to actually pull off an event such as the  2014 IBU Youth/Junior Biathlon World Championships that will be kicking off in Presque Isle next week.

I had the opportunity to speak with Mary Lawrence from UMPI earlier today. Mary is actually the lead coordinator for the upcoming Biathlon, meaning she is in charge of placing volunteers based on their interests.

Believe it or not, there are already 458 people signed up to volunteer their time and talents at the Biathlon. So there is no shortage of people helping out! And the cool thing? People from not only Maine and Canada are coming to volunteer, but people from all over! So you'll see plenty of sharp looking white or red coats out there volunteering!


Mary Lawrence explains:

At this point all of the volunteer positions have been filled.

We'd invite you check out the 2014 IBU Youth/Junior Biathlon World Championships that are happening from February 28th until March 7th at the Nordic Heritage Sports Center in Presque Isle.

Transportation to the venue is provided from Gallagher Farm, 500 ft. on the left, east of the venue every 15 minutes. Park your vehicle there and come cheer on the international competitors at this exciting world-class event.



Biathlon to Have Medical Service Provided By TAMC and UMPI