Got those motorcycles shined up and ready to roll? Members of the United Vets Motorcycle Club based in Houlton will be riding for a cause this weekend! It's their Annual Teddy Bear Run!

The goal of the United Vets Motorcycle Club is to honor those who have served our country, both past and present, as well as to put a smile on the faces of children in our area. The UMVC is involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and also hold their very own Teddy Bear Run each and every year.


Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images

You might be thinking, "Teddy Bear Run? I though bikers were big and bad?" That's not the case with the United Vets Motorcycle Club. Truth is, members of the club are big softies with hearts of gold who would give anyone the shirt off their back.

So if you see a bunch of bikers with teddy bears strapped to the back of their motorcycles heading north on Route 1 in this weekend, they are probably a part of the Teddy Bear Run. They will be visiting three Aroostook County hospitals and delivering teddy bears to Emergency Rooms. The bears will be distributed to children to enter the E.R. by hospital staff.

The plan is for members to arrive at the American Legion on Bangor Road in Houlton at 10 a.m. on Sunday, May 18th. Kickstands will go up at 11 a.m. sharp with the first stop being Houlton Regional Hospital.

Riders will then travel to Visiting Nurses of Aroostook, then on to the Aroostook Medical Center in Presque Isle, and then on to the Sister Mary O'Donnell Homeless Shelter.

If you see this crowd in your travels this weekend, be sure to give a wave on your way by!