Here's the latest weekly report from Troop F of the Maine State Police, based in Houlton:

Maine State Police/Facebook

Nov. 4 - Trooper Quint investigated a harassment complaint in Chapman. Male subject reported that earlier in the week he had to remove a male from his house who had been visiting but became a problem and wouldn’t leave. Since then the male had sent the victim threatening text messages. Trooper Quint located the offending male who had a different story of being held down and assaulted and thrown off a deck. The male was summonsed for terrorizing and the investigation into the alleged assault continues.

Nov. 4 - Trooper Monahan took part in a joint speaking engagement with Border Patrol at a Houlton assisted living center for adults. Trooper Monahan demonstrated some ERT techniques for the residents.

Nov. 5 – Trooper Marquis charged a 53-year-old man from Minnesota with OAS and attaching false plates on Rt. 1 In Van Buren.

Nov. 5 - Trooper Monahan assisted Presque Isle PD with several vehicle break-ins that had occurred at the middle school in Presque Isle during a soccer game. Trooper Monahan provided ERT assistance with processing the scenes.

Nov. 6- Trooper Sylvia responded to Bangor to assist MDEA as a member of the lab team.

Nov. 6 – Trooper Bell investigated a crash on 95 Southbound in Smyrna. Two tractor trailers and a car all hit the same deer, which was dead from a previously unreported crash. The car was towed due to damage it sustained and one tractor trailer had a broken fuel line which required DEP and Oakfield Fire Department for clean-up. The deer was a very large buck, and the firefighter that removed it from the road estimated it was well over 200 pounds.

Nov. 7 – Trooper Bell arrested a male with two active warrants at the Houlton Port of Entry.

Nov. 8 – Trooper Bell observed a Ford Bronco being operated by a male who had been summoned in September for Operating without a License. The male pulled over before Trooper Bell activated his blue lights and stopped the vehicle. The male admitted to not having a license yet, and was summoned for Operating without a License, a Class E crime.

Nov. 8 - Trooper Darcy stopped a vehicle in Houlton for a motor vehicle violation. As a result of the stop, Trooper Darcy learned that the vehicle’s registration had expired eight months prior. Trooper Darcy summoned the operator for operating a motor vehicle with an expired registration over 150 days.

Nov. 8 - Troopers Saucier and Sylvia responded to a residence in Oakfield for an out-of-control suicidal male. As a result a 53-year-old male was arrested and transported to Houlton Regional Hospital for self-inflicted injuries. The male resisted arrest and was sprayed with OC in the process.

Nov. 9 - Trooper Darcy stopped a vehicle in Oakfield after learning that the operator had a suspended driver’s license. Trooper Bell had driven by the vehicle earlier, believed the operator had a suspended license, and contacted Trooper Darcy. During the stop, Trooper Darcy learned that the driver also had bail conditions and conducted a bail check on the male. Trooper Darcy summoned the male for Operating after Suspension.

Nov. 9 - Trooper Monahan was off duty and stopped to assist a motorist who was having a medical emergency and had almost struck several cars head-on in Presque Isle. Sgt. Haines responded along with PIPD. The man was in a diabetic emergency and could not open the doors or shift the car into park and had to be boxed in by other motorists. The car window was smashed to gain entry to the vehicle and render medical attention.

Nov. 09 - Troopers Casavant and Sylvia responded to Blaine for a report of a domestic assault. As a result a 23-year-old Blaine man was arrested for assault.

Nov. 9 - Troopers Sylvia, Doody and Sgt. Haines responded to Mars Hill for a family fight where a man slapped his stepson. The man left the residence for the night and DHHS was notified.

Nov. 9 - Troopers Michaud and Hafford assisted Van Buren PD with a search warrant in Van Buren. During the execution of the warrant some items were recovered that linked the resident of the home to several burglaries and thefts. A large amount of tools were located and suspected of being stolen, but no owners have yet been located. Investigation is ongoing and the tools and other items were photographed in an effort to attempt to locate additional victims.  Photos here.

Nov. 10 - Trooper Darcy charged a Merrill man with Violation of Conditions of Release after he violated his bail during a bail check.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.