Here is the latest weekly report from Troop F of the Maine State Police, based in Houlton:

April 13 - Trooper Bell and Trooper Darcy responded to Littleton for an assault. A civil situation between a couple turned into an assault when a third party tried to get the wife to leave the husband alone. The wife punched the female third party in the face and a fight ensued. Multiple witness statements and the wife’s admission showed that the wife was the predominant aggressor. The wife was charged with assault and the parties were separated.

April 13 - Trooper Darcy stopped a vehicle in Houlton for a defect. As a result of the traffic stop, Trooper Darcy seized a baggy of marijuana and charged a 25-year-old Linneus male with Possession of a usable amount of marijuana.

April 14 - Trooper Saucier investigated a theft of signs, cones and other property in Island Falls. A suspect was developed and the property was recovered. The investigation is ongoing and charges are pending.

April 14 - Trooper Hafford responded to Eagle Lake for a reported burglary and theft of firearms. Investigation pointed to a 22-year-old male who had gone to Palermo with his girlfriend. Tr. Hafford found the location where the male was and Troopers Fowlie and Webber from Troop D responded to the residence and arrested the male on outstanding warrants. The Troopers conducted a search of the property and recovered the stolen firearms. On April 15th, Tr. Hafford drove to Belfast and together with Tr. Fowlie, interviewed the respondent. Tr. Hafford arrested him on the new charges and brought him to Aroostook County Jail. Charges were Class A Burglary, Class B theft and Class C prohibited person possessing a firearm. Weapons recovered by Troopers Hafford, Fowlie and Webber.

April 15 - Sgt. Haines attended two days of Tactical Team training in Augusta and Rockland.

April 15 - Trooper Casavant dealt with a mentally handicapped male in Mapleton who entered a residence without permission. PIPD and later Fort Fairfield PD also dealt with the man and he was eventually blue papered.

April 16 - Trooper Quint and Trooper Lilley responded to a report of a DV assault in Hodgdon with the male suspect having left on foot. Trooper Endre located the male walking a short distance from the house and detained him while they sorted out the facts. After investigation the male was arrested for DV assault and violation of probation for assaulting his girlfriend. Male was transported to ACJ where he was remanded to custody, unable to bail.

April 16 - Trooper Quint attended a reverse career fair in Presque Isle where students provided their resumes and potential employers came around to them to speak to them. Trooper Quint spoke to several attendees that hadn’t considered law enforcement before but he was able to make a few of them rethink a career with the State Police.

April 17 - Trooper Luce and Trooper Quint went to Central Aroostook High School in Mars Hill to speak to the school about the dangers and consequences of alcohol and drug involvement. Trooper Luce and Trooper Quint were able to interact with all the students at the school as they came through in small groups. The speaking engagement was well received by the students.

April 18 - Sgt. Bustard stopped a vehicle for speeding on Rt. 11 and the male admitted to having gotten a ticket for speeding the week before in Washburn. Sgt. Bustard issued him another ticket for speeding. After the stop, the male let Sgt. Bustard go by him and after going by, Sgt. Bustard watched in his mirror as the male turned around sharply in the road, accelerating and spinning his tires on the pavement. Sgt. Bustard proceeded to turn around and stop the male again and issued him a second summons for spinning his tires.

April 18 - Trooper Stoutamyer was dispatched to St. Francis to check on a report that the river was rising and flooding Rt. 161 between St. Francis and Allagash. Trooper Stoutamyer located the area of the road in St. Francis and found that fire department personnel were already on scene and shutting the road down since it was covered with about 2 to 3 feet of water and rising. As Trooper Stoutamyer was at the scene and monitoring traffic, a southbound vehicle on the opposite side of the flooded section attempted to cross the section of flooded roadway, accelerating through the rising water. The vehicle only made it a short distance before it stalled and became disabled in the rising water. Inside the truck were a young couple and their 15-month-old baby. The St. Francis Fire Chief, Gerald Jandreau got his pickup and Tr. Stoutamyer and Gerald’s brother, Ken Jandreau got in the back of the pickup while Gerald backed through the flooded roadway to the stranded vehicle. Gerald was able to back to the vehicle and Tr. Stoutamyer and Ken stood on the back of the truck and assisted the occupants of the stranded pickup to the back of Gerald’s truck. They were then able to drive the couple and their child out of the roadway and to the other side. After a short time the river began to recede and fire department personnel backed up to the stranded truck, hooking a chain to it and pulling it out of the flooded section.

April 18 – Trooper Sucy assisted the Sheriff’s Office in Mars Hill for a 30-year-old male off his medication and acting erratically. Trooper Sucy was able to calm the situation and eventually the male was taken by ambulance to TAMC for further evaluation.

April 18 – Trooper Darcy located and arrested an East Millinocket female on a warrant after she resisted arrested and fought with him in the roadway in Benedicta. Trooper Darcy placed the female in handcuffs, seat belted, in his cruiser, but she was able to get out of the seat belt and open the door. The female appeared to be under the influence of methamphetamine. With the assistance of Trooper Pappas, they were able to get the female handcuffed, in leg restraints, and seat belted in the cruiser, to the point where she could not get out. Trooper Darcy transported her to the Aroostook County Jail and arrested her for the warrant, violation of conditions of release, and failure to submit to arrest or detention.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.