Here is the latest weekly report from Troop F of the Maine State Police, based in Houlton:

Maine State Police/Facebook

May 18 – Major Cote, Sgt. Holmquist, Troopers Pelletier, Lindsey, Sylvia, Darcy, Endre, and Luce represented the State Police at the funeral of retired State Police Detective Marvin Hayes.

May 18 – Det. Clark, Warden Beal, and Trooper Bell assisted the Sheriff’s Office with a suicidal male in Bridgewater. The male initially had a loaded rifle, but was cooperative, put down the rifle, and voluntarily went to the hospital for an evaluation.

May 19 – Trooper Sylvia investigated a protection order violation in Bridgewater. As a result a 37-year-old Bridgewater man was arrested.

May 19 – Troopers Bell and Darcy met with a Merrill man to perform a bail check. The man’s bail conditions required him to surrender all firearms to the Maine State Police. Investigation revealed that the man did not surrender all his firearms due to leaving a shotgun in his house and giving a handgun to a family member. The firearms were taken and the man was not charged because the guns were eventually surrendered within the allowed time frame.

May 20 – Trooper Bell participated in the “Buckle Up/No Excuses” campaign. In 4 hours, a total of 8 vehicles were stopped for 10 violations. Violations consisted of defective motor vehicles, a driver carrying a concealed handgun with an invalid permit, expired insurance, studded tires, and multiple seat belt violations.

May 20 – Trooper Darcy responded to a tractor trailer crash in Oakfield. A tractor trailer hauling a delimber was southbound on Oakfield-Smyrna Road and struck the I-95 overpass due to the delimber being too high. The crash caused extensive damage to the overpass, causing the right lane of I-95 northbound to be shut down until September. The delimber also sustained significant damage.

May 20 – Troopers Casavant and Endre completed follow-up interviews on an alleged child abuse case in Wade. The children and mother were interviewed and determined the actual nature of the case was poor parenting skills, rather than abuse. The case will be referred to DHHS for review.

May 20 – Trooper Sylvia was called to Hammond for a homeowner who found a rusted rifle under his shed and claimed it was not there three weeks ago. The serial number is not in NCIC and further checks are being done.

May 20 – Troopers Saucier and Hafford responded to a PI crash in Masardis between a car and motorcycle. As a result of the investigation, Trooper Saucier arrested a 44 year old Ashland woman for OUI drugs. Trooper Hafford investigated the crash and the motorcyclist is recovering from non life-threatening injuries.

May 21 – Trooper Sylvia charged a 44-year-old New Brunswick woman with OAS/HO stemming from a traffic stop in Amity.

May 21 – Troopers Endre and Quint responded to Monticello after female reported that she had been assaulted by her boyfriend. The female was hiding behind a potato house because the boyfriend was driving back and forth looking for her. The parties were located and after investigation by Trooper Endre, male was arrested for DV assault and transported to ACJ.

May 21 – Trooper Sylvia started an investigation into a person making prank phone calls to the Houlton RCC from a private number. Three recent calls all came from the same male. Subpoenas have been requested from the phone company.

May 23 – Troopers Quint and Stoutamyer responded to a report of a vehicle off the road in Blaine and three subjects walking away from it. They located two intoxicated males and an intoxicated female walking a short distance from the vehicle. After investigation, Troopers charged one male with OUI/OAR and brought the group back home after towing the vehicle. Shortly after the Troopers left the residence, the three subjects started fighting and Troopers Quint and Stoutamyer returned to the house, arresting the female for criminal mischief for breaking windows out of the house and the pickup. The other male was brought to a residence in Mars Hill and told not to return.

May 23 – Trooper Stoutamyer responded to report of deceased female at her residence in Easton. 66-year-old female with poor health history, death appeared to be of natural causes and nothing suspicious noted.

May 24 – Trooper Michaud administered the Physical Fitness Test to 2 applicants at UMPI. Both applicants passed the test. One applicant was in the Presque Isle PD process and the other was in the State Police process.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.