Here is the latest weekly incident report from Troop F of the Maine State Police, headquartered in Houlton:

Maine State Police

August 2 – Trooper Luce stopped a vehicle for a motor vehicle violation in Fort Kent and after investigation, arrested the male operator for OUI. After the arrest, Fort Kent PD warned the male not to return to a residence but shortly after leaving the PD on foot, the male went back to the house. Tr. Luce and FKPD officers removed the male from the house and shortly after leaving the area, the male returned a second time and he was arrested for trespass by FKPD.

August 2 – Tr. Levesque took a report of a vehicle that was stolen from a house in Westmanland. Elderly owner reported car was there when she went to bed and keys were on table, when she got up in morning the car was damaged and keys were back on the table and it was obvious car was moved during the night and returned. Suspect is an intoxicated relative that was at the house all night but claims no knowledge of what happened to the car. Investigation is ongoing.

August 3 – Trooper Lilley responded to report of an assault in Staceyville, a female reported that her ex-boyfriend came to her house and had assaulted another male at the house. The other male said that he was struck several times in the head before the male left the house in a vehicle. The suspect is under suspension and the vehicle was not registered, Tr. Lilley located the vehicle at the suspect’s house but he wouldn’t answer the door. A warrant will be obtained for the male suspect

August 4 – Trooper Levesque responded to Castle Hill for a report from a family member that another family member was draining their elderly mother’s bank account and forging her name. After investigation, Tr. Levesque determined that the family member had been caught up in a scam and was sending unknown person money, thinking they were in a relationship and he needed the money to come see her. The mother was aware of what the daughter was doing and was giving her the money. No crime occurred and Tr. Levesque spoke to the family about the scam and to change their habits.

August 4 – Trooper Darcy charged a man from Caribou with Violation of Conditions of Release as the result of a traffic stop in Houlton. The male passenger violated conditions stating that he could not use or possess any alcohol.

August 5 – Trooper Marquis charged a female for OUI and 3 counts of violation of condition release. Female went to a residence in New Canada and threatened her daughter’s babysitter. This is the second time the female has been charged with OUI by Tr. Marquis since February in addition to a third offense by Tr. Hafford in that time frame.

August 6 – Trooper Bell responded to a residence in Monticello for a well being check on a male whose family had not heard from him in a few days. When Tr. Bell arrived at the residence he noticed a female trying to hide from his view. When Tr. Bell spoke to the man he noticed the man’s nervousness and inquired about the female. When Tr. Bell spoke to the female he noticed bruising on her face. Tr. Bell interviewed both people and concluded that the female was the victim of Domestic Violence. The male was arrested and taken to the Aroostook County Jail. Tr. Darcy and Sgt. Fuller assisted Tr. Bell at the scene.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.