Here is the latest weekly report from Troop F of the Maine State Police, which has its headquarters in Houlton:


Sept. 5 – Trooper Luce was assigned to a case where a man walked into Cary Medical Center claiming to have been injured in a motor vehicle accident. The man was released from the hospital before Tr. Luce arrived. Tr. Luce located and interviewed the man who claimed to not know the operator’s last name or cell phone number of the operator but that the vehicle was a red Jeep Cherokee. Tr. Luce spoke with the mother of the man who eventually claimed that she did not want to lie anymore and told Tr. Luce the truth, that there was no accident but they actually had been stuck while mudding. The man said that he would be fired from his job if he was late for work so he wanted a doctor’s note saying that he was injured in an accident. The man also received two prescriptions for Flexeril and Ibuprofen that had not been filled. Flexeril is a schedule Z drug. Tr. Luce took possession of the written prescriptions and summoned the male for acquiring drugs by deception.

Sept. 8 – Tr. Michaud arrested a Presque Isle man for violating conditions of his bail. The man was on bail for a domestic violence arrest only a few days before with the same woman. There was no protection order in effect, but the bail conditions were current. The pair had been staying together since the day after the arrest, but had a falling out with the homeowner who decided to report the incident.

Sept. 9 – Tr. Quint, Tr. Lilley, and Tr. Casavant responded to a reported domestic incident in Bridgewater. The Houlton RCC received a call the victim’s employer who was receiving text messages second hand that his secretary was being held against her will by her boyfriend in her residence. The victim reported to a friend that she had been assaulted, burned by s lit cigarette and she was being held in her bedroom. As Trooper’s were setting up to make contact with the boyfriend they observed a vehicle leave the driveway. Tr. Casavant conducted a traffic stop when the man pulled into the Bridgewater Irving. Tr. Casavant took the male into custody while Tr. Quint and Tr. Lilley interviewed the victim. The victim had burns and an abrasion on her head that she claimed her boyfriend inflicted on her. The male was arrested and transported to Aroostook County jail without incident. The man was charged with DV assault, Criminal Threatening, and Kidnapping.

Sept. 10 – Tr. Hafford responded to a residence in St. Agatha for an unattended death of a 67-year-old male. Investigation showed nothing suspicious.

Sept. 10 – Tr. Hafford assisted Presque Isle PD with a motor vehicle crash. The occupant had left the scene of the crash and a witness reported he was bleeding from the back of the head. Shortly after the crash, it was reported the vehicle had been stolen from a residence in Presque Isle. On Sept. 10, Tr. Hafford processed the vehicle for evidence and collected a small blood drop from the rear window for a DNA comparison to a suspect the PD developed.

Sept. 11 ­– Tr. Hafford assisted MCU with a suspicious death in the town of Eastport.

Sept. 11 – Tr. Marquis took a complaint of assault in St. John Plantation involving kids on the school bus. The case remains under investigation and the parents were advised to seek a protection order.

Sept. 11 – Within a matter of minutes, Tr. Endre stopped two vehicles and summonsed two Littleton brothers both for operating under suspension.

Sept. 11 – Tr. Saucier began investigating a theft of power from EMERA in Sherman. The investigation is ongoing.

Maine State Police

Sept. 12 – Tr. Luce located a man in St. Francis who had two outstanding warrants that totaled $2000.00. Tr. Luce also observed the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the man’s breath as he spoke. Tr. Luce informed the man that he was also on bail conditions not to possess or consume alcohol. Tr. Luce arrested the man on the warrants and charged him with VCR.

Sept. 12 – Tr. Endre arrested a 20-year-old Houlton man for OUI stemming from traffic stop in Littleton.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.