Many of you have traveled countless hours to sit in on a session with internationally renowned Spirit Medium, Maureen Hancock. Don't be jealous that I had the chance to snag a quick interview with her over the phone earlier today!

Never heard of Maureen Hancock? She is a Spirit Medium, intuitive, teacher, lecturer, Holistic Healer, and author of the bestselling book, “The Medium Next Door: Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer.” She is the star of the Style Network documentary, Psychic in Suburbia. Style Network along with ABC Media Productions, and the producers of The Ghost Whisperer  worked together to present this inspirational, “out of this world” special presentation. She has also been on many tv and radio shows, including a reoccurring guest on the Ricki Lake Show. She has also recently filmed a Television pilot for a major network with the hopes of having a nationally syndicated talk show in the near future.

She resides outside of Boston, Massachusetts with her children and chocolate lab, Ally, and large Irish Catholic clan of siblings, and, saint of a mother, Grace Agnes.

Maureen has been traveling all over the country recently with her Postcards from Heaven sessions. She is able to 40 to 50 readings on people in about 2 hours time. Can you say "Amazing"?!?! She considers her sessions a celebration of life and memories, which I happen to think is pretty neat.

Any skeptics out there? Check out the audio from the call I had with Maureen, and see why I'm a believer.

Maureen Hancock has been to Maine several times. To find out where she will be and when, check out